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Talking Point – Sourcing Information

Hello Artificial Intelligence – Goodbye Call Centres?

Talking Point - Getting what you pay for

Is relying on third party providers the best option for your business?

Problems with technology – who you gonna call?

Who provides what when things break down?

Scamming – a new pandemic to deal with?

Technological advances have made life much easier, but there is a price...

Talking Point - WEBSITE AUDITS

It’s useful to undertake a website audit from time to time...

How to clean up data

a step-by -step approach to tidy up your files

Talking Point – Some things never really change. Well not that much.

A recent trip to our archives showed how relevant some key website basics still are today...

Talking Point - Smiling in the Dark

if you smile in the dark no-one will see you, is your organisation guilty of this?

Crisis, what crisis? Recessions and websites

Sharing some insights from past recessions...

AI for Dummies

With the explosion in artificial intelligence about to hit us ‘every-day’ folk with a vengeance, now that Microsoft, Google and OpenAI have dumbed-it down enough (or should that read smarted-it up?) for us mere mortals to use it for everything from buttering our toast to putting the cat out, I thought it would be timely to see how the world’s biggest players will be competing to take over our lives even further.
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